Traditional Music Ministry
Our mission, as worship leaders, is to assist in creating expectant, thematic and spiritually enriched corporate worship.

Our ministry incorporates a chancel choir, the “Rings of Fire” hand bells and combinations of vocal and instrumental soloists, accompanists, and ensembles.

Our chancel choir practices on Thursday nights at 7:15pm and on Sunday mornings at 9:00am. Our “Rings of Fire” hand bells is a four octave, level 3 ensemble that practices on Thursday evenings at 6:00pm and on Sunday mornings at 8:00am. Effective practice is the cornerstone of our ministry.

Our music ministry is a very welcoming group that is always looking for new members wishing to join us in praise and thanksgiving to our risen Lord and Savior.

Our Director of Traditional Music Ministries and Organist is Douglas E. Rhodes who is in his 58th year as a sacred music leader and organist. He is now in his 8th year of service to St. John’s where he looks forward to serving in this ever expanding ministry. He is assisted by his wife Becky, who for the last 47 years has made their Music Ministry possible. Doug and Becky have two daughters, Rachel in Connecticut and Renee in Montana, along with 7 grandchildren.

Doug was president and owner of The Bohn Corporation, a heavy steel fabrication plant in Baltimore for 38 years. He sold this business in the late 1990’s as he turned his music avocation into his vocation.

This ministry looks forward to serving St. John’s UMC and the surrounding Seaford Community with praise and thanksgiving to our Lord and risen Savior, Jesus Christ.
Soli Deo Gloria